Here at Balanced Legal Solutions, our mission is to ensure that we are helping you fulfill your career goals on your schedule. At Balanced Legal, we understand that each individual’s career path is different and varied. As a result, we offer a variety of services based on your needs.

Balanced Legal Permanent Recruiting and Placement Services – If you are an associate or partner who feels that you are not reaching your full potential at your current position, you will receive the best possible representation in your transition as we find you a match that is well suited for your career ambitions. Please visit our Recruiting section to learn more.

Balanced Legal Workshops – If you are a recent law school graduate who is currently temping and feel like you are spinning your wheels trying to land a permanent position, this workshop is for you! We focus on teaching you how to successfully market yourself to employers such as small to mid-sized boutique and regional firms, government agencies and non-profit public interest organizations. Our mission is to provide you with a road map that will put you on the path to a successful job search. To learn more, including getting a detailed explanation of the agenda and the topics covered and dates the workshop is offered, please visit our Workshop section.

Balanced Legal Career Fairs – A Balanced Legal Career Fair is not your usual career fair. We focus on connecting candidates with corporations and non-profit organizations. In order maximize the benefit for both parties, we want to ensure that each event is customized to the group being represented. To learn more about our unique career fairs, please visit our Career Fairs section.