Meet the Path to Success – Weekly Workshop

Balanced Legal Solutions is proud to offer “The Path to Success: Strategic Career Marketing for Lawyers.” This workshop will give you the tools and skills that you need in order to market yourself successfully to different types of employers and land the job that is right for you. By the end of the workshop, you will be armed with the knowledge and skills that you need in order to market yourself successfully to different employers so that you can achieve your career goal.

Day 1 – Successful marketing takes place only when you know your target audience. This day of the workshop will focus on narrowing down your target audience (employer) by accomplishing the following:

  • Teaching you how and why it is important to narrow down your search to 2-3 practice areas
  • Give you the strengths and weaknesses of the different practice areas
  • Provide you with unique strategies and resources needed to look for and apply to positions in small to mid-size boutique firms, government agencies, and non-profit public interest organizations.

Day Two – Once you have identified your target audience (employer), you need to know what that employer is looking for when they hire someone. Otherwise, you will not know how to sell or market yourself. Meet a career panel of experts from different sectors to get an inside view of what employers from boutique firms, the government, and non-profit public interest organizations are looking from an ideal candidate. Learn the pros and cons of working in the different sectors.

Day Three – Your application packet. Congrats, you have identified your target employer and figured out what they are looking for in their hires! Now, you need to put your application packet together in order to reflect that experience. During the session, you will get in-depth advice on the following:

  • Effective resume writing
  • The contents of the cover letter
  • How to make sure you are using an effective writing sample
  • Deciding on your reference list

In addition, we will be looking at effective networking strategies in order to get a leg up on your competition. Learn to identify what kind of events to attend, who to target, and learn how to network just sitting at your computer.

Day 4 – The workshop will conclude with the most important session of all. Learn how to market yourself during the interview process. We will cover everything you need to know in order to successfully prepare for a job interview in the legal field. We will make sure you understand the different questions that might be posed and how to effectively answer them. By the end of the session, you will have the skills.