Balanced Legal Workshops: Meet the path to your success

The path to a successful career can be rather long and ambiguous. It may make you feel like you are traveling obscure roads without your GPS or even an old fashioned road map! Balanced Legal is here to be your guide. Our workshop, “The Path to Success: Strategic Career Marketing for Lawyers” will give you the direction you need to achieve success. The goal of the workshop is to teach you how to market yourself the right way so that you can be effective in landing the right job at the right organization.

The workshop will focus on various employers, including small and mid-size boutique and regional firms, government agencies, and non-profit organizations and will provide you with the insight you need in order to market yourself successfully to these types of employers.

Here at Balanced Legal, we are committed to working with your busy schedule. As such, there are two options for taking this workshop. You can do a full-day session which will run from 10a-6p including a catered lunch and a career panel networking event at the end of the session. If you learn better in smaller doses, you can choose the option where the workshop is broken up over 4 weekly sessions over the course of a month. Either way, the workshop will take you on a step by step journey that will empower you with the right marketing techniques and skills so that you can achieve success in your job search.

Run by Pooja Krumenacker, Founder and CEO of Balanced Legal Solutions, you will receive the benefit of her in-depth and extensive experience as a result of being in the legal placement industry since 2005.

For a detailed syllabus and agenda of the topics covered at the full-day workshop, click here. If you would like to review the topics covered each day over the 4 weekly sessions, click here.

Here at Balanced Legal Solutions, we believe in empowering people to achieve their career goals. We look forward to giving you the skills and tools needed so you can achieve success in your job search.

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